HSF '14 - 1 Make Do and Mend - The apron that had to be pieced

Petit interlude en Anglais, pour éviter les posts à rallonge je fais un post séparé pour le HSF'14.
Tablier XVIIIme Tablier XVIIIme
Tablier XVIIIme Tablier XVIIIme Tablier XVIIIme

It was a stupid cutting mistake (or actually, there were two mistakes) of mine, really, because I was too busy playing RPGs to really think and measure before cutting. At any rate, I ended up with a bib that was so narrow it didn't even go from one breast to the other, and apron ties so short I couldn't tie them around my waist. Making the ties longer was easy. piecing the bib was a little bit trickier - and to be honest, it is not perfect either - but I really didn't want to waste any of the gorgeous striped cotton-linen blend.
And piecing is period, the original bib is pieced as well as the original skirt. It was a common fabric-saving strategy in the eighteenth-century, see Heileen's post on the topic

The Challenge: #1- Make Do And Mend
Fabric: indigo and off-white striped cotton-linen blend.
Pattern: Taken from Costume Close-up, adapted to my size to keep the general proportions.
Year: mid-1700s
Notions: off-white cotton thread
How historically accurate is it? Pretty accurate. The fabric would have been more accurate if entirely linen, and my thread should be linen too, but otherwise I think I did a pretty good job (opinion might be revised anytime after I post this, of course, but only to beat myself up, I'm a perfectionnist after all)
Hours to complete: I can't tell, I was busy saving the world and it just helped me keep my hands busy, so I didn't count.
First worn: Not yet, and I don't even know what I'll wear it with.
Total cost: there's a little over one meter of fabric in it, so around 12€, almost exclusively fabric.

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